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Gili Menjangan, Bali Indonesia

snorkeling your way out of life...

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last December 2008, marked the year when i realized that snorkeling was the best thing in life.. well, next to coffee of course.

we drove a 10 almost 12 hour drive to Bali and spent the nights on the northern part of the island. where commercialization hasn't reached its claws just yet. It is the best place to go in Bali especially during december. (Unless you want to be in the middle of a crowded streets of Kuta, where westernization was already evident from the shops, the things they sell, the people, etc.)


anyways, we decided to stay in a villa type hotel, where our comfort rooms were shaded by the blue sky itself, and by a huge tree that was planted right outside our toilet.

don't get me wrong. There was nothing backwards with our toilet. It was not even make-shift. It has the modern facilities that we tourists need for 'comfort'. It was one of the coolest toilet i've seen so far (cool- literally and figuratively). It has culture in it evidenced by different Bali interior knick-knacks inside. and yes, privacy was a prime. Not against any flying animals anyway. hehe. (good thing airplanes were way too high to see me taking a dump, or whatever.)


on the 2nd day, my friends and i went to Menjangan Island, a small island in Bali..


rented a boat and some snorkelling gear for, i think, only 120idr (500php), and you have almost half of the day with the boat, the gear, and thousands of colorful corals and fishes in different hues and colors.


the thing is, i was a bit afraid to go to the deep waters.. i was apparently not that adventurous enough, especially when ones LIFE was at stake. hehe

but a friend offered some comfort of safety as he promised that he'd hold my hand as the waters go deep.

i know that the sight of the undersea would take my breath away (well, through the snorkelling tubes.heheh)

But i wasn't prepared of what i was about to see that day.

Beautiful did not seem to encompass what was beneath those blue waters. It was teeming of colors and sealife! The further you go towards the deep end the more colors you'd get to see!


My friend and i kept on swimming until suddenly i came to a halt, because right before me was a deeper shade of blue waters, almost black even.

my friend was continuously swimming away in glee. But I let go of his hand, because i was wise enough to know that what was ahead was different from where i was swimming upon.

We had apparently come to a trench!

I couldn't bear myself to swim one foot away from the edge of the trench though i know that buoyancy, and not gravity, was the only force that kept me alive so far. hehe.

But my friend, though inaudible, was beckoning me to swim toward him.

and I, though inaudible, was shouting a 'No' beneath the snorkelling apparatus on my mouth.

i do believe that i was shaking my head way too much in able to communicate to him that i was not planning on joining him in his endeavor BEYOND this trench. yes, yes, i know that i was floating anyway. But, no, thank you.

He was rather insistent with his hand outstreched towards me, so, with much hesitation, i took it.

He lead me a few feet away from the trench...

and..... it WAS EXHILARATING. It was as if you are flying over the edge of cliff somewhere.


i eventually got the hang of it and felt restricted in exploring that i let go of my friend's hand....

and i swam to my heart's delight. =)

But i swam along the edge (just in case i needed to adjust my gear and the shallow part would give me that chance for life, considering that it has waters that is 1 or 2 feet higher than me. =))

i came to my second 'halt' though when i saw that familiar deep darker blue color that signifies the depth of the unseen seafloor.

it was actually another trench.

but this time it's between two big boulders.

the separation between the boulders were almost (only) 5 meters wide. it may not be much for some, but for me it could have been the pacific ocean.

however, i was mulling over the idea of crossing it, fully aware that its deeper hue of blue color means 'really, truly, super deep'.

but what the heck!

so, with a deep breath, i braved myself and crossed the trench, hoping with all my might that i won't get cramps as i do. Otherwise, so long 'world'.

anyways, that was truly fun. and exciting. i was able to cross it... successfully.. and am alive right now being able to document all of this now.

and again i must say that THAT was exciting (can you supply me more adjectives please??) .. Seeing creation the way i've never seen it before.

i felt that i believe on God more when i saw the wonders of His creativity under the sea.

hopefully, i can go back there one of these days.



here are some videos from youtube that you can feast your eyes into.

video 1

video 2

photos courtesy of:

  • tom utomo
  • gilibookings, accessed at http://gilibookings.com/uploads/content/AquaMarine-diving-bali.jpg
  • cyrstaldivers.com at http://www.crystal-divers.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/GJB2908-265x400.jpg

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i always love ur pictures meni! full of art, full of life! :))

by ella

thanks, ell! ^^

by cyrus43

some of the photos were taken by Tom.. and the underwater ones from the net. =)

by cyrus43

Wow, it was amazing how words are able to evoke hidden memories of years back... It was as if we were there last Sunday.

And yes, wish you can be back here soon

by Ridwan

ay di pala. none of the pictures were taken by tom. hehe. we used his camera though. =)

by cyrus43

hi bao, when i was writing this it felt it was just yesterday. miss you!

by cyrus43

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